Matt Moeller

Matt Moeller grew up seven miles outside of the small Southeast Texas town of Cuero. His large, loud and fun loving family fell right in line with the farming and ranching community there, all working steady day jobs while maintaining a respectable herd of cattle. Matt learned gardening, canning, and cooking from his parents, grandparents and any other weathered individual willing to share a bit of knowledge. While growing up, hard work was expected and compensation came on a plate. Life was simple and anything but luxurious, but they never did without.
Matt got his first guitar when he was 13 that he traded for a rod and reel. When he began writing songs at 17, he found his true passion and continued to build a collection of songs. After moving away, working several jobs, and playing small acoustic shows throughout central Texas for more than a decade he finally found his way back home to Cuero. He played and polished his musical work until his family and friends convinced him to give his music a real shot. It was time to finally find a band. Drummer Marcus Benavidez, Guitarist Jason Harvey, and Sound Engineer John Edwards soon answered the call. Enter THE NIGHT SIGHTS.
To Matt Moeller and The Night Sights, Country Music is more than just a song or a sound. It’s therapy.... It’s a way for honest, hard-working human beings to relate, relive, or just release. While staying true to such a rich history and to their small town upbringings, they set out to write and compose country songs that they feel their friends, family, peers, and even their idols may very well like to listen to. Recounting past thoughts and experiences from somewhere or sometime, MM and The Night Sights try to capture a feeling that is real, genuine, and from the heart. It starts with a song. Songwriting cannot be forced. It has to happen naturally. It happens when one just can’t help it anymore. It just comes out when an artist needs it most. That’s the definition of expression. The band believes a song is an exchange. The more feeling they put in, the more one stands to take away from it, and they take pride in their honest, relatable approach to songwriting/composing. Whether it’s telling a story or just telling it like it is, Matt Moeller and The Night Sights hope to convey the message that is the identity of each song. They try to let the listener know who they are one song at a time. Through their “never settle” lyrics, melody and sound they try to create a body of work that successfully sends a listener into the ever trustworthy escape of what we call Country Music.